Ep05 – Ali Fingerz: The Misfitz Are In Town

Joining me in this episode is the multi-talented Ali ‘Fingerz’ Esbai a.k.a Macaco Louco: Stand-up comedian, Voice-over artist, and Capoeira practitioner. We discuss his new comedy series “Misfitz”, including the idea behind it, his determination for pushing the boundaries of creativity, learning the tricks of the trade, overcoming the challenges, and much much more. I even ask “from where on earth did they find a Batman Suit”. Or did they? The answer will shock you. Fingerz also shares his journey as a rising stand-up comedian, what inspires him, his favourite jokes to tell, and his toughest audience to date. And of course, I couldn’t sit down with the Louco one without bringing up his affection for Capoeira, his work as a voice-over artist, and the other projects he’s involved in. If you ask me, Fingerz is the epitome of Bahraini talent; Don’t believe me? Well then how about you listen to the show and see..err.. hear for yourself. But let me give you one advice: Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground, cause the Misfitz are in Town.

You can find Misfitz Comedy Series on:
Instagram: @misfitz.comedy

You can follow Ali Fingerz on:
Twitter: @alifingerz
Instagram: @alifingerz

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