Ep03 – Wafa Alobaidat: A Bahraini Cinderella

In this episode I sit down for an amazing conversation with Wafa Al Obaidat, the founder and creative director of the award winning PR and Design agency, Obai & Hill. We talk about everything including how she got into the PR and design field, how was it living abroad, the challenges she faced, her hobbies, her other businesses, and even about her maltese dog named Yori. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur then you do not want to miss this episode, because this is about a woman who looked failure in the eyes and said, I can beat you, this is a woman who made naysayers swallow there words, this is a woman who outsmarted the unforgiving system and made believers out of the non-believers. Come ride with me, and let’s take a trip down to Obai & Hill.

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Instagram: @obaiandhill
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Website: www.obaiandhill.com

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